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Susan Fee | Handbooks

My handbooks are sold directly by my publishing partner

The manager's motivation handbook

The Manager's Motivation Handbook is a practical tool to deal with one of today's most important and yet challenging leadership responsibilities ... GETTING OTHERS MOTIVATED! This “how-to” resource will help managers and leaders at EVERY level:

  • Recognize talents and build on employee strengths
  • Get rid of workplace de-motivators
  • Find and apply creative ways to recognize and reinforce positive performance
  • Get everyone energized and focused on common goals
  • Manager's Motivation Handbook is a great way to:

Give your managers the “how to” motivation skills they need to succeed
Enhance your management development initiatives and programs
Motivate your managers to motivate others.

Only $10.95 (bulk discounts available)

Positive, Proud, & Productive

How to Develop Positive, Proud, & Productive People handbook

If there is a "magic" formula for developing successful people, would you want to know what it is? Hopefully your response is a resounding, "Yes!" There is definitely a formula for success, and the good news is, it's not magic! But, it does depend on three key factors, that when combined, have maximum impact. It's called the 3P Advantage in which people are positive, proud, and productive. Learn how to:

  • Build an optimistic workplace
  • Encourage accountability and problem-solving
  • Improve time management but focusing on the right things
  • Hire, train, and retain staff the 3P Advantage Way

Only $10.95 (bulk discounts available)