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Susan Fee | Counselor

Everybody has a story. Authentic life stories provide a clear sense of purpose, direction, and meaning. But, when struggling, your story can be confusing and painful. Inauthentic stories can lead you down a path of damaged relationships, poor self-care, and risky behavior. Circumstances and characters may not change, but you can alter the power you give them.


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Counseling fit

Choosing a therapist is an important decision and I appreciate you considering my services. Here’s a little bit about me to help you decide if I'd be a good fit.

Stories are the heart of my work, whether it be the ones you tell yourself or the stories you present to others. My goal is to help you change painful narratives into powerful ones.

I use an integrative approach, blending Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Solution Focused. I address a range of issues and consider myself an especially good fit for:

  • Anyone experiencing relationship conflicts, personally or professionally

  • Business professionals seeking work-life balance, stress management, or managing presentation anxiety

  • Individuals experiencing major life transitions such as death, illness, job loss, empty nest, retirement & break ups

Training and Credentials

I earned my B.A. in Communications from Western Washington University and my M.Ed. in Community Agency Counseling from Cleveland State University.  I'm a National Board Certified Counselor, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Certified Practitioner, Certified Professional Coach, and a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Washington State.  I'm also a member of the American Counseling Association and a Washington Mental Health Association Board Member.

In conjunction with Washington state licensing requirements, I receive 36 continuing education hours of clinical education every two years, including a mandatory ethics review course.     

Additional Background

In addition to being a clinical mental health counselor, I'm also a  TEDx speaker, business trainer, presentations skills coach, executive coach, Moth Story Slam winner, and author. I’ve written several books on the topics that interest me most including: 101 Ideas & Insights About Resolving Conflict, 101 Ideas & Insights for Making Your Message Stick, Manager’s Motivation Handbook, Circle of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Facilitator’s Guide, and the college survival guide, My Roommate is Driving Me Crazy!   

What to Expect

My style is interactive and action-oriented, using a cognitive-behavioral and solution-focused approach. Remember, you don’t have to feel bad to get better. If you're really not sure what counseling is and if it's right for you, watch this short video I recorded that may help.


To make a counseling appointment, please call Salveo Counseling Center directly at (425) 868-5777. You can also confidentially schedule online at and click on Client Portal.