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E-Seminars include a one-hour audio podcast and workbook that can be downloaded immediately.

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Dealing With Difficult People: How to Protect Yourself from Button Pushers


Dealing With Difficult People: How to Protect Yourself from Button Pushers


Dealing with difficult people can be challenging but they don’t need to control your life. Right now, you may be feeling emotionally and physically drained, resentful, stressed, and hopeless that your situation will ever improve because the difficult person refuses to cooperate (but that’s why the person is difficult!). Consider all those negative feelings as signals that it’s time for you to change.

Learn how to take back the control you’ve given up, set realistic expectations, define healthy boundaries, and determine when and how to speak up in your own defense.

Here’s what’s covered in this E-Seminar:

  • Role of Difficult People in Your Life
  • Protecting Your Internal Thought Cycle
  • Setting Realistic Expectations
  • Challenging Belief Systems
  • Establishing Healthy Relationship Boundaries
  • When and How to Speak Up
  • Disengaging from Button Pushers

Susan Fee's Complete E-Seminar package is available for immediate download and includes the following:

60 minute MP3 audio seminar

11-page PDF workbook

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