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E-Seminars include a one-hour audio podcast and workbook that can be downloaded immediately.

E-Seminars provide a convenient way to train your entire staff! Contact Susan to discuss a licensing agreement.

BFF (Except When You're Not)


BFF (Except When You're Not)


A Parent’s Guide for Helping Girls to Develop Healthy Friendships

Is your daughter suffering from the drama of a best friend turned worst enemy?  Perhaps she’s the target of mean girls or has difficulty making friends in the first place. 

Parents, learn what to say (and not say) to help your daughter navigate the complex world of girls and their friendships.

Here’s what’s covered in this E-Seminar:

  • Communication style and relational aggression
  • Brain development and social skills
  • Mean girl behavior and warning signs
  • Cliques and their players
  • Roles of parents
  • Conflict resolution and coping skills

Susan Fee's Complete E-Seminar package is available for immediate download and includes the following:

  • 60 minute MP3 audio seminar
  • 9-page PDF workbook
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Listen to audio samples from the seminar: