The experts agree...
positive first impressions do have an impact!

"Initial encounters are emotionally concentrated events that can overwhelm us - even convince us that the room is spinning. We walk away from them with a first impression that is like a Polaroid picture - a head-to-toe image that develops instantly and never entirely fades."
Psychology Today, May/June 2004

"The ability to connect in short, casual conversations can make or break careers, friendships and romances - it's how we gather information and, we hope, make a favorable impression."
Roxanne Roberts, Washington Post November 2, 2004

" Psychologists agree that snap judgments are a holistic phenomenon in which clues (mellifluous voice, Rolex watch, soggy handshake, hunched shoulders) hit us all at once and form an impression larger than their sum."
Psychology Today, May/June 2004

" We can pick up a smile from 30 meters away. A smile lets us know that we're likely to get a positive reception, and it's hard not to reciprocate."
Paul Ekman, Professor of Psychology
University of California Medical School
Psychology Today, May/June 2004

"Given what we know about the potency of first impressions, it might be a good idea to heed the recommendations of experts on handshaking etiquette and try to make that first handshake a firm one."
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, July 2000

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"Yup, you blew it, but there's hope.  Try this expert advice [from Susan Fee] on bouncing back from a lousy first impression." 

Real Simple Magazine

September, 2005

"Susan Fee, a licensed counselor, coach, trainer, and author has seen it all - from overdrinking at the company holdiay party to having a credit card rejected at a business meeting with a prospective client."

Marcia Pledger,

Business Etiquette

Cleveland Plain Dealer

April 11, 2005


Positive First Impressions
83 Ways To Establish Confidence, Competence, and Trust

Table of Contents

  1. It Starts With You
  2. Listening
  3. Body Language
  4. Words and Phrases
  5. Delivering Your Message
  6. Networking
  7. Phone and Voice-mail
  8. Building Your Reputation



Have you made a bad first impression?  Read Susan's coaching tips on how to recover!

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Is the image you project the one that you intend? Or, do people get the wrong idea about you?

You have thirty seconds or less to make a first impression. Whatever happens during that time sets the stage for future relationships. You’re either creating positive impressions that will open doors, or negative impressions with untold consequences. Many times, we don’t know that people might think poorly of us because they simply avoid us. Or we’ve unknowingly created obstacles in a relationship and have to work that much harder to establish trust. What do your communication skills say about you?

Positive First Impressions is a booklet filled with 83 concise tips for improving your communication skills so that the first impression you make is a good one!

Learn how to:

  • Incorporate powerful words and phrases  
  • Send a confident message without speaking
  • Polish your phone skills
  • Increase your ability to listen and understand 
  • Network like a pro
  • Build your reputation as a confident, competent, trustworthy individual

Who can benefit?    

  • Business professionals who want to polish their skills
  • New professionals and college students just entering business
  • Managers and Human Resources Professionals who need training aids
  • Businesses wanting to increase customer satisfaction
  • Business owners looking for a unique premium to market their own business

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It Can Even Be Customized For You!

The Postive First Impressions tip booklet makes an excellent premium or business gift.  For more information on customizing it for your business, contact Susan Fee.

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