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Healthy Learning Products by Susan Fee

101 Ideas & Insights About Resolving Conflict and 101 Ideas & Insights About Making Your Message Stick are available directly from my publishing partner.
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Positive First Impressions Tips Booklet


Positive First Impressions Tips Booklet


You have thirty seconds or less to make a first impression. Whatever happens during that time sets the stage for future relationships. You’re either creating positive impressions that will open doors, or negative impressions with untold consequences. Many times, we don’t know that people might think poorly of us because they simply avoid us. Or we’ve unknowingly created obstacles in a relationship and have to work that much harder to establish trust. What do your communication skills say about you?

Learn how to:

  • Build personal awareness
  • Listen well
  • Read body language
  • Choose the right words and phrases
  • Deliver your message with confidence
  • Network with ease
  • Improve phone skills
  • Build a positive reputation


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