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Dealing with Mean Girls
A Parent’s Guide to Teaching Girls How to Survive Difficult Friendships

mean girls booklet

Table of Contents

  1. Recognize Signs of Relational Aggression
  2. Enter Your Daughter's World
  3. Respond to Friendship Troubles
  4. Teach Problem Solving
  5. Partner with School
  6. Develop Coping Skills
  7. Frequently Asked Questions
  8. References

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As the saying goes, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me.”  But, in the case of young girls, mean words really can hurt.  It’s especially painful when those words are from your daughter’s former best friend!

Girls’ friendships can be complex.  One day they’re planning sleepovers and the next day, they’re not talking. Perhaps your daughter is the target of mean girls who are attacking her with dirty looks and vicious gossip. Or, maybe she has difficulty making friends and feels socially isolated. It’s hard to stand by and watch your daughter suffer.  Your protective instincts tell you to do something, but what? 

Dealing with Mean Girls is a booklet filled with specific parenting tools to teach you how to empower your daughter.  

Learn How To: 

  • Spot the warning signs of relational aggression (mean girl behavior)
  • Support versus save your daughter
  • Determine appropriate interventions
  • Encourage resiliency and coping skills

Who can benefit?

  • Parents and guardians
  •  Principals, teachers, PTA members
  • Mental health professionals, church and youth group leaders, community intervention specialists
  • Girl Scout leaders
  • Summer camp professionals

Available in Two Versions!

E-booklet ($4.50) or Hard Copy ($5.00).  Discounts available for bulk orders (see below). 

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Purchase the Girls PowerPack and SAVE!!

The Girls PowerPack includes:

  • Friendship Bull’s-eye Discussion Tool
  • Capable & Confident CD
  • Dealing with Mean Girls tips booklet

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The Dealing with Mean Girls booklet makes an excellent educational tool, training supplement, or fundraiser incentive.  For more information on customizing it for your school or organization, contact Susan Fee.

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